Smooth Exit from Business = R.E.T.I.R.E.E.S with Strong Mental

If you want to remain strong mentally, during the transition process out of your business, you should avoid things that could hold you back and create healthy habits.

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The acronym R.E.T.I.R.E.E.S. will help you to stay mentally robust, and keep your mental muscles flexible, agile and strong and transition out of the business smoothly and have a great life after business :

Re-frame Negative Thoughts

Do not allow negative thoughts hold you back or drag you down. Instead, you should respond to your pessimistic prophecies and disturbing criticisms with a productive inner dialogue. Talking to yourself will help self-motivation. Do it as if you were speaking with your best reliable friend, or a sympathetic coach.

Emulate on Progress

You should reflect on progress toward your personal and business goals every day. To be efficient set aside time to examine what you’re doing well, and humbly acknowledge areas that need improvement. Hold yourself accountable for mistakes, learn from them and constantly develop new solutions to achieve a smooth transition your dreams in the after business life.

Thank yourself for being who you are

Do not compare yourself to others that have more than you have and complain about it. This could prevent you to be at your top form. You should acknowledge that you already have everything you need and recognise how lucky you are. Be thankful for all things big and small.

Intellectualise your Energy Wisely

Do not let yourself being distracted by trivial and pointless tasks. Use your time and energy carefully. Concentrate your efforts to the things that are not urgent and matter most so you can meet your targets.


Re-align Emotions and Logic

You should acknowledge that your feelings represent your perceptions and impersonate your behaviours. You should make sure your emotions do not cloud your judgement. Thoughtfully balancing your emotions with logic will help you to make the most appropriate decisions.

Endure Disappointment for Higher Ambition

Most people try everything they can to avoid any type of embarrassment, or endure discomfort to prove they’re tenacious. You should only tolerate torment when it delivers a greater objective. To become fitter you should be exercising when you feel tired, or to better communicate you should be delivering a speech when you feel frightened. To succeed in your life after business you have to accept that your status of being the owner of your business will not be and you have to reinvent a new identity that will make you proud of yourself

Establish Goals

You should establish clear business objectives and personal after business life goals that give you significance and aspiration. You should be able to abjure immediate rewards by keeping your end goals in mind. You should welcome obstacles, they are challenges leading you to success. If your goal is to spend the rest of your life in sunshine Florida, with a nice house facing the ocean and a boat to go fishing, you will face plenty of obstacles before you can achieve your dream. Just think about the joy and happiness you will have when you have surmounted those obstacles. This will give you all the enregy you need  to find your path to achieve your dream.

Stick to your Values

You should aim at living according to your values and doing your best, despite the circumstances. At the end of the day you should pride yourself of being able to say:  “I stay true to my values”

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