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  • Are you looking for ways to grow your practice?
  • Do you want to anticipate your clients’ needs by proposing high value add solutions?
  • Have you positioned your practice to take advantage of one of the biggest trends in the market?
  • If your answer is YES to those questions, if you already offer services to business owners in company transmission, this unique programme should interest you

Do you have the necessary knowledge to advise your clients on all aspects of a business transmission?

  • Planning a company transmission is a complex multi discipline process.
  • When helping a client ,transferring his /her company, you are one amongst several advisors. Even if your work is of a very high standard you would probably benefit from a better coordination between all professionals involved to make sure you give your client the right advice.

Do you experience issues with traditional Exit Planning?

Exit planning is a very complex arena that generally requires advice from a number of different specialists. No doubt when you’ve been involved with helping a client to exit their business, you were one of many professional advisers that your client engaged. And whilst you more than delivered your part in the process, you probably found that there was a lack of coordination with your professional colleagues.

Do you feel that a more coordinated approach would have benefited everyone?

So often the business owner’s expectations are optimistically (and unrealistically) high and yet the majority spend more time planning their holiday than they do on planning when and how they exit their business. When they finally sell their business, many business owners are dissatisfied with the overall outcome.

Do you feel that a well designed and comprehensive plan with a clear implementation programme could improve results?

The Professional Development Award in Business Exit & Succession Planning addresses this need and it also addresses an emerging opportunity  and gives right to practice , under licence , the new profession of Business exit and succession.

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