Will the valuations of your business meet your expectations?

The price is right – come on down!

  • When selling a company, there are many different ways of obtaining business valuations. Merely pulling a figure out of the air, like in some 80’s quiz show, is not enough to meet your potential buyer’s expectations and therefore your own aspirations. Furthermore, looking at your company’s turnover or profit in isolation, will not provide a proper indication of your company’s value
  • If you want to ensure you obtain the best price possible for your business, then proper Exit Planning is essential

Do you know the value of your business?

  • Many aspects of a company have to be taken into account when deciding what a business is worth, and there are many methods of conducting business valuations. Whatever method is used, by working to extract the true value from your company, we will ensure the best price is achieved
  • With a robust approach to Exit Planning we make sure you achieve the maximum return for your business

How do you maximise the business value?

  • If your business is too dependent on you, or a few key clients, it may well be worth less than you anticipate despite showing a good profit. Examining the company’s liquidity, turnover, profit margins and fixed assets will go some way to achieving proper business valuations
  • By planning your exit well in advance of selling your business, your company can be structured in such a way so as to maximise the price that can be obtained. This includes implementing strategies to capitalise on such as ‘Goodwill’
  • Moreover, because economic conditions can also affect the value of a business, by continually planning for your Exit, you can make sure you sell the business at the most advantageous time in the market
  • After years of hard work, make sure you are not left disappointed by the price you obtain for your business

Do you know if your company has any value?

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How to sell your business and accomplish your goals

You will learn... What it takes to devise a successful business continuity strategy

Who knows what the future holds? If you need to sell your business in a hurry, do you have a plan in place to make sure you get a good return? Will your employees be able to keep their jobs? Will your clietns remain satisfied after your departure? Will your shareholders be adequately remunerated?

You will learn... How to maximise the sellability of your business

Will you have enough money to live comfortably after you sold your business? We help you look at your business from a buyer’s point of view and we help you minimise taxes.

You will learn... How to use your business to achieve your life long personal goals

The net proceeds of the sale of your company should help you to achieve your dreams for a life after business. We will use a real business case to demonstrate what good planning can achieve for your company.