Is there a return on investment for planning your succession properly?

A Case Study

The Results

Before £5.4MM
After £15MM
Value-added £9.6MM

Professional planning and implementation almost tripled the value of this client’s company in 24 months!

  • He Saved £900,000 in capital gains taxes
  • Developed an estate plan that saved over £1 million in estate taxes
  • Dramatically increased the value of his company


Exit Plan and VTR £6,500
Value Enhancement Plan £6,000
Financial Plan £4,000
Valuation £1,500
Tax Plan £20,000
Implementation Help £38,000
Total Costs £76,000


Captial Gains Tax Saving £900,000
Value Enhancement £9,600,000
Estate Tax Savings £1,000,000
Peace of Mind Priceless
Total Return £11,500,000

That’s a 151 to 1 return on his investment!!! Not all successions are as successful and get such high returns but you can reasonably expect a 10 to 1 return

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Who knows what the future holds? If you need to sell your business in a hurry, do you have a plan in place to make sure you get a good return? Will your employees be able to keep their jobs? Will your clietns remain satisfied after your departure? Will your shareholders be adequately remunerated?

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The net proceeds of the sale of your company should help you to achieve your dreams for a life after business. We will use a real business case to demonstrate what good planning can achieve for your company.