Are you planning on working forever?

Successful business owners start succession planning long before they are ready to leave their business. You should start now

  • Unless you decide working forever is a good idea , at some time in the future you will have to sell or transmit your business to your children or employees.
  • We work with you to ensure you achieve the best possible price foryour business as well as fulfilling other objectives you may desire
  • It is never too early to start work on an Exit Strategy
  • The most successful succession plans are initiated years in advance. When Exit Planning is left too late, the failure to plan ahead can lead to disaster

What Is The Best Way To Exit Your Business?

  • Just as running a successful company requires good business planning; leaving a business successfully requires good exit planning
  • There are far too many important factors for it to be left to luck or chance. For example; the best way to exit yourbusiness must be identified. Is it via a trade sale, a flotation, a management buyout or is there another way out?
  • Exit planning over the long term will ensure the business is prepared for your exit and that you can secure the best price possible

What does planning your exit mean?

  • Finding if your company is sellable and acting to make it more valuable for a potential buyer
  • Ensuring shareholders, investors or any other vested interest groups, including staff, are handled correctly to guarantee a smooth transition
  • The best legal and financial advice can be sought so the succession plan is a success for you and the business For example; planning for the most tax efficient strategy can make a big difference to the money left in your pocket after a sale

If you had To Leave the Business Unexpectedly, Could You?

  • By constantly being aware of your exit strategy you can make certain that you exit at the best time. Remember, sometimes we do not get to dictate the exact circumstances relating to when or how we exit. Ill health or an unforeseen event can force our hand to implement a succession plan earlier than we intended. By working on your exit strategy on an on going basis, you can still guarantee an exit in the most beneficial way possible, even when unforeseen circumstances occur
  • Failure to undertake proper Exit Planning can mean not getting the returns you expect from your business. Don’t miss out on the rewards you deserve

Do you know if your company has any value?

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How to sell your business and accomplish your goals

You will learn... What it takes to devise a successful business continuity strategy

Who knows what the future holds? If you need to sell your business in a hurry, do you have a plan in place to make sure you get a good return? Will your employees be able to keep their jobs? Will your clietns remain satisfied after your departure? Will your shareholders be adequately remunerated?

You will learn... How to maximise the sellability of your business

Will you have enough money to live comfortably after you sold your business? We help you look at your business from a buyer’s point of view and we help you minimise taxes.

You will learn... How to use your business to achieve your life long personal goals

The net proceeds of the sale of your company should help you to achieve your dreams for a life after business. We will use a real business case to demonstrate what good planning can achieve for your company.