Is your business your pension?

How much do you need to retire?

  • If you have spent a major part of your life establishing and developing your business, then you owe it to yourself to secure the best value for it that you can
  • Without proper exit planning you may not obtain the price you require in order to be able to retire comfortably
  • While selling a business could provide a wonderful retirement for both you and your family, succession planning is vital if the right buyer is to be found

What is the secret of a successful sale?

  • We will make certain you have the best Exit Strategy to guarantee you extract the most value from your business
  • Moreover, continually working on your exit plan will mean that you can leave the business at the most opportune time
  • When selling a business successfully, timing is everything
  • To miss out on selling your business because you were not ready, even though the market conditions were good, could lead to you working longer in your business than you wanted

What are your tax liabilities?

  • We will not just ensure you can sell your business at the most opportune time
  • We will help minimise your tax liabilities
  • Tax that can be deferred, reduced or even eliminated will mean a much more comfortable retirement for you and your family
  • Being unable to retire at the time of your choosing, or not being able to get enough out of your business to retire, is not the conclusion you deserve after establishing and developing a successful company

Do you know if your company has any value?

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How to sell your business and accomplish your goals

You will learn... What it takes to devise a successful business continuity strategy

Who knows what the future holds? If you need to sell your business in a hurry, do you have a plan in place to make sure you get a good return? Will your employees be able to keep their jobs? Will your clietns remain satisfied after your departure? Will your shareholders be adequately remunerated?

You will learn... How to maximise the sellability of your business

Will you have enough money to live comfortably after you sold your business? We help you look at your business from a buyer’s point of view and we help you minimise taxes.

You will learn... How to use your business to achieve your life long personal goals

The net proceeds of the sale of your company should help you to achieve your dreams for a life after business. We will use a real business case to demonstrate what good planning can achieve for your company.