Why do you need an exit strategy?

There are many facets to selling a business.

  • Without proper Exit Planning, it is unlikely you will realise the true value of your business when you leave
  • Creating a business that has both an obvious way out for the owner, and is attractive to a potential buyer, does not happen by accident
  • Keeping partners, other directors and senior management happy with your decision, whilst minimising tax liabilities, requires more than just putting up a ‘for sale’ sign outside your premises

Do you have the right advisors to help you?

  • Find the best way out of your business.
  • Help you deal with family’s tensions/expectations
  • Value your business
  • Improve the value of your business before the sale
  • Find you the right buyer
  • Make sure the buyer have the right finance in place to pay for the transaction
  • Make sure the buyer will not go bust before the payment is completed
  • Maximise the value of the transaction tax wise
  • Optimise your revenue after the sale
  • Plan your new life

We can ensure the transition between you and the new owner is smooth, your exit is successful and your goals after the business life are achieved.

  • Your Exit Strategy should be put in place years before you sell to get more money for your business down the line.
  • Exit Planning, in advance, means you will be ready to sell whenever market conditions are at their optimum.
  • Sometimes, ill health or family circumstances can force an exit on a business owner. By making sure you have an exit plan in place, you can still ensure you get a good price for your business, even if you are forced to sell unexpectedly.
  • Failure to plan properly can result in you being unable to sell your business or not getting the sum you deserve. Don’t let that happen.

Do you know if your company has any value?

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How to sell your business and accomplish your goals

You will learn... What it takes to devise a successful business continuity strategy

Who knows what the future holds? If you need to sell your business in a hurry, do you have a plan in place to make sure you get a good return? Will your employees be able to keep their jobs? Will your clietns remain satisfied after your departure? Will your shareholders be adequately remunerated?

You will learn... How to maximise the sellability of your business

Will you have enough money to live comfortably after you sold your business? We help you look at your business from a buyer’s point of view and we help you minimise taxes.

You will learn... How to use your business to achieve your life long personal goals

The net proceeds of the sale of your company should help you to achieve your dreams for a life after business. We will use a real business case to demonstrate what good planning can achieve for your company.