Successful Transition

Can You Absolutely Make Your Heirs & Shareholders Happy?

Could your business survive the following scenario? Your business partner unexpectedly dies.  You discover that your associate in his will made his 21-year-old daughter the only heir of his shares in the firm. Isn’t that scary? This is easily avoidable with a succession plan in place. Are you, as most of the business owners, so Read More

What Is Exciting About Transitioning to a Valuable Life?

A few decades, ago you were going into retirement thinking it was the end of life. Could you make it valuable? Should you rather consider this as starting a new chapter in life? During our entire lives, we are used to a long succession of “Starters”. Starting school, coming back from holiday, starting in a Read More

Why Legal Firms Absolutely Need Exciting Continuity Plan?

In 2015 one of our client, co-founder of a midsize London solicitors’ firm, found out he was ill, he called us to help him to figure out how the business that he helped build since 2002 could move forward without him. Bob died April 8 after a hard, 22-month battle with cancer. He was 53. “Losing Read More

Can You Transition out Happy, Without Worry, and Wealthy?

    There is a trend of ageing business owners., many baby boomers who will soon be considering retirement. What options do they have? What is the best approach to succession planning? Should they Keep, transfer/gift, sell their business? Retaining passive ownership An owner can retain ownership, playing a passive role in management but turning day-to-day Read More

Contemplating to Transition? See How to Deal with Uncertainty…

There’s no shortage of things to keep you awake at night when you decide to transition out of your business. For some, it’s what they will do when they stop working. For others, it’s the prospect of losing their businesspeople status or if they would be able to keep the same lifestyle in retirement. So, Read More

You’ll See! Why You Absolutely Need An ICONIC Plan?

The past five years have been challenging for business owners seeking an exit. Is this the recession, or a reflection of a longer term reality? With the baby boomer approaching their retirement age the landscape of the market is changing dramatically, and business owners wishing to exit will need to engage a new reality for Read More

Actually, would you love a happy business transition?

According to Eurostat (Population structure and ageing – Statistics Explained) “the EU-28 population pyramid on 1 January 2014 is narrow at the bottom and is becoming more like a rhomboid due to the baby boomer cohorts resulting from the high fertility rates in several European countries in the mid-1960s (known as the ‘baby boom’). These Read More

Are You Actually Working On Your “Lifetime Equity Growth”?

I have been advising business owners on succession planning for the last ten years. The first question they ask me is “How do I solve my business succession plan problem?” my response is invariably the same: There is no right way to do a succession plan, each case is different, but it is important that Read More

Is it True? Children Are Not Your Best Successors!

When I meet with Family business’ clients to talk about Succession, I almost inevitably hear: “Why should I worry about my succession? It is all planned my daughter has an MBA she will soon join the business, and when I am ready, she’ll take over.” Family Business owners believe their children are the natural, perfect Read More

Are You hoping to make you and your employees millionaires?

Turkish immigrant, Hamdi Ulukaya, founded and owned Chobani, a Greek yogurt producer,  told workers Tuesday, April 26th that he would be giving them shares worth up to 10 percent of the shares when/if the company goes public or sells. Chobani employs 2000 people and is estimated to be worth a minimum of $3 billion. The average employee could get Read More