Selling a business

Why is LinkedIn so Valuable to Microsoft?

Microsoft’s recent $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn provides an illustrative example of a strategic acquisition – the type of sale that usually garners the most gain for the acquired company’s shareholders. You may be wondering what a billion-dollar acquisition has to do with your business, but the very same reasons a strategic acquirer buys a Read More

How to enjoy selling your business; Put money in the bank!

The Valuation See-saw reflects the impact your cash flow and profitability have on the value of your company. Imagine a playground see-saw that can move in only two directions: when one end goes down, the other must go up. The same applies to the value of your company as it relates to your cash flow: Read More

Do You Want to Do It the Right or the Magic Way?

Whether you want to sell your business next year or a decade from now, you will have two basic options for an external sale: the financial or the strategic buyer. The Financial Buyer The financial buyer is buying the rights to your future profit stream, so the more profitable your business is expected to be, Read More

Is Age Actually Making You See Your Exit Differently?

Your age has a big impact on your attitude toward your business, and your feelings about one day getting out of it. For example, one person who runs a boutique mergers and acquisitions business refuses to take assignments from business owners over the age of 70. He has found that septuagenarians are so personally invested Read More

Should you protect your heirs and staff from an unexpected tragedy?

Part 2 If you knew how to do it, would you sell your business for the right money tomorrow? In part one of this article I  explored why you should plan your succession. Now I will explain how to prepare yourself to selling your business. It’s important to be realistic about the value of your business, and engaging an advisor Read More

Should you protect your heirs and staff from an unexpected tragedy?

Part 1 If you pass away without having created a succession plan, the company passes into probate, which can be a lengthy process for family members and unsettling for your employees. A sale of an asset out of probate is not going to be the best way to maximize the proceed of the transaction and the Read More