Company Transmission

What Has Culture to Do with Selling a Business?

The answer to that question is in the “value pyramid” below: An owner driven business. In this type of business, the owner makes it all happen. Because this level of business is highly reliant on its owner, the risk of a business losing its profitability following a succession is highest. This business is not yet Read More

Process Optimisation to Enhance the Value of a Business Before Sale.

Is your business positioned to take on the challenges of facing a potential buyer? If you put your business for sale, when you want to exit, the chances that you get what you want for it are very slim. You should start planning your exit right at the start-up mode but no later than 3 Read More

Selling a Business a Choice that May Be Regretted for 20 Years or More

Every day we are faced with choices that will affect us over the long term. Selling our business is a crucial choice, it will impact the rest of our life as well as the future  wealth of our families. When we look back 10 years from now will it be with pride and happiness— or Read More

Should You Plan Your Succession or Your Business Continuity?

You well know that running a successful business is more than just meeting the requirements of the moment and the coming year. You have to plan for its long term success. This includes passing or selling your business to an appropriate  individual when you are gone. The average age of business owners increases year after year, Read More

How Would You Transfer Your Business to a Member of Your Family?

For most business owners nothing is more important in the world than their family. Most family-owned businesses are the only support mechanism for the whole family. It is critical that you spend time reflecting on the best way to protecting both your family and your business. One day you will be leaving your company. It Read More

How Rewarding Can Planning your Business Exit Be?

A case study: Derek owned a very successful consulting firm. He has two children. At 62 he decided that he wanted to exit his business within the next 3 years. He had owned his business for 18 years. He had no strategic business plan, no exit plan, and no tax plan! A review of the Read More

8 Ways to Escape From Becoming Another Family Business Statistic

The truth is many businesses have family members working inside the company.  Does that make the company a “family business”? There are many studies that show that family businesses go the way of the dodo bird after the second and third generation. Clients need to make a clear distinction: it doesn’t matter if there is Read More

Companies’ Transmission a Ticking Bomb for Modern Western Economies

The ageing population in modern western economies creates greater issues and challenges for health care systems, pension policies, and labour markets. A significant level of resources in Western countries  have  been deployed  to better understanding the demographic nature of these topics to provide the population with strong, sustainable social programs. However, one aspect of public Read More