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Why Is Now the Riskiest Time To Own Your Business?

Most people think of starting a business as risky, but unless you invest a significant amount of start-up cash in your venture, you’re not really risking much other than your time. That changes if you’re lucky enough to get your business off the ground. As your company grows, you start to risk more and more Read More

Can You Absolutely Make Your Heirs & Shareholders Happy?

Could your business survive the following scenario? Your business partner unexpectedly dies.  You discover that your associate in his will made his 21-year-old daughter the only heir of his shares in the firm. Isn’t that scary? This is easily avoidable with a succession plan in place. Are you, as most of the business owners, so Read More

What Is Exciting About Transitioning to a Valuable Life?

A few decades, ago you were going into retirement thinking it was the end of life. Could you make it valuable? Should you rather consider this as starting a new chapter in life? During our entire lives, we are used to a long succession of “Starters”. Starting school, coming back from holiday, starting in a Read More

Could Your Attractive Business Worth More Than Your Competitors’?

Have you ever wondered what determines the value of your business? Perhaps you’ve heard an industry rule of thumb and assumed that your company would be worth about the same as a similar size company in your industry. However, when we take a look at the data provided by The Value Builder System™, we’ve found there Read More

Actually, Why Do Cash Rich Businesses Sell Better?

A potential buyer for your business may not be able to rely on banks or other financial institutions for providing them with cash injections they would need to put in the firm after completing the sale. You need to demonstrate that your business can be self-financing, as external funding is becoming more and more difficult Read More

Do You Know The Surprising Secret To Big Exit?

We get to see a lot of company founders who are contemplating an exit. Some of our customers get lucky early in life, but in the vast majority of examples where a business owner is getting a seven- or eight-figure offer, it is not their first rodeo. In fact, most owners have had multiple failures Read More

See! Why Should You Absolutely Say “No” to Venture Capital?

The primary factor that drives the saleability of your organisation is it’s potential to scale up and grow in the future. Scaling up requires that you transform your business  creating a culture of continuous learning and sharing, according to the Networlding principles: Acquirers typically pay the most for companies with the potential to grow. A Read More

Can You Actually Bet 10 Million Pounds to Win 100?

How do you know the right time to sell your company? One answer to this age-old question is that the time to sell is when someone else is willing to invest more in your business than you are. When you start a business, nobody is willing to invest in its success more than you. You Read More

Why Legal Firms Absolutely Need Exciting Continuity Plan?

In 2015 one of our client, co-founder of a midsize London solicitors’ firm, found out he was ill, he called us to help him to figure out how the business that he helped build since 2002 could move forward without him. Bob died April 8 after a hard, 22-month battle with cancer. He was 53. “Losing Read More

Why Trust Makes Digital Organisations More Valuable?

Potential buyers may be tempted to reduce their offering if they must make a significant investment to upgrade the technology and train the staff to get the company to a competitive level. Before putting your business on the market, you should do the necessary research, purchase the right technology, train your people to use it, Read More