Monthly Archives: April 2017

Why Trust Makes Digital Organisations More Valuable?

Potential buyers may be tempted to reduce their offering if they must make a significant investment to upgrade the technology and train the staff to get the company to a competitive level. Before putting your business on the market, you should do the necessary research, purchase the right technology, train your people to use it, Read More

Actually, Would Your Business Value Increase Exporting to The USA?

When selling your business is it the most opportune time to consider entering new markets overseas? YES, it delivers High Return On Investment! Why not the USA? On a national scale, exporting can generate an often much-needed boost for a country’s economy. When you sell your business, you should demonstrate to potential buyers it can Read More

See Why Subscription Can Boost Your Business’ Value?

Why are so many companies leveraging the subscription business model? The obvious reason is that recurring revenue boosts your company’s value, but there are some hidden benefits to augmenting your business with a subscription offering. You can now buy a subscription for everything from dog treats to razor blades. Music subscription services are booming as Read More

Can You Transition out Happy, Without Worry, and Wealthy?

    There is a trend of ageing business owners., many baby boomers who will soon be considering retirement. What options do they have? What is the best approach to succession planning? Should they Keep, transfer/gift, sell their business? Retaining passive ownership An owner can retain ownership, playing a passive role in management but turning day-to-day Read More