Monthly Archives: March 2017

See, How Addressable Market Can Make You Rich?

Imagine you’re a farmer who has been tending to your crops all year. It’s harvest season and finally time to collect the spoils of your labour. You start harvesting your crops only to find out that pesky rodents have been quietly eating away at your fields. You’re devastated as you come to the realisation that Read More

Actually, Would You Be Rich Enhancing Your Business Value?

If you have resolved to make your company more valuable in 2017, you may want to think hard about how your customers pay. If you have a transaction business model where customers pay once for what they buy, expect your company’s value to be a single-digit multiple of your Earnings Before Interest Taxes, Depreciation and Read More

You See What is Exciting Distributing or Owning Products?

On the surface, becoming a distributor for an attractive product can appear to be an easy way to grow your sales—simply find something that is already proven to be successful elsewhere and negotiate the rights to sell it in your local market. While distributing someone else’s product may be a relatively easy way to grow Read More