Monthly Archives: August 2016

See What to Worry About When Selling Your Business.

The most intimidating aspects of selling your business are facing the barrage of questions during the various management presentations you’ll be doing for potential acquirers. The buyers will grill you on all facets of your operations.  Of course, every meeting will be different, here are some questions you can expect will be asked by potential investors Read More

Is increasing your business’ value like winning an Olympic Medal?

With the Rio Olympic Games taking place this month, it is interesting to reflect back on one of the big events of last week. In the Men’s 100 meters’ race, for example, the winning time of 9:81 was posted by Usain Bolt from Jamaica. The time posted for silver, and bronze was respectively 9.89 and Read More

How to Overcome the Dilemma of Thinking vs. Doing?

There’s a steady breeze from the northwest, which cools the warm Caribbean afternoon. Framed between a palm tree and the turquoise water, you notice a man reading. He appears to be working, which seems strange given his appearance: shaggy blonde hair, linen shirt, surf shorts, and flip-flops. You squint and realize the man is Richard Read More