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Why is LinkedIn so Valuable to Microsoft?

Microsoft’s recent $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn provides an illustrative example of a strategic acquisition – the type of sale that usually garners the most gain for the acquired company’s shareholders. You may be wondering what a billion-dollar acquisition has to do with your business, but the very same reasons a strategic acquirer buys a Read More

Actually, would you love a happy business transition?

According to Eurostat (Population structure and ageing – Statistics Explained) “the EU-28 population pyramid on 1 January 2014 is narrow at the bottom and is becoming more like a rhomboid due to the baby boomer cohorts resulting from the high fertility rates in several European countries in the mid-1960s (known as the ‘baby boom’). These Read More

How to enjoy selling your business; Put money in the bank!

The Valuation See-saw reflects the impact your cash flow and profitability have on the value of your company. Imagine a playground see-saw that can move in only two directions: when one end goes down, the other must go up. The same applies to the value of your company as it relates to your cash flow: Read More