Monthly Archives: April 2016

Do You Want to Do It the Right or the Magic Way?

Whether you want to sell your business next year or a decade from now, you will have two basic options for an external sale: the financial or the strategic buyer. The Financial Buyer The financial buyer is buying the rights to your future profit stream, so the more profitable your business is expected to be, Read More

Right Sure Your Business Can Survive Your Death?

One of the most significant and disruptive business transitions that any company or organisation can endure is the sudden death of its owner or top executive. Are you ready? Carl Terzian, founder and chairman of California public relations firm Carl Terzian Associates, died Saturday 19 March 2016. Terzian, 80, had suffered a stroke early march Read More

Is Age Actually Making You See Your Exit Differently?

Your age has a big impact on your attitude toward your business, and your feelings about one day getting out of it. For example, one person who runs a boutique mergers and acquisitions business refuses to take assignments from business owners over the age of 70. He has found that septuagenarians are so personally invested Read More