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Loyalty by Employability Builds your Business Value!

To build value for your business you need to be able to retain your employees. Most employees want to develop their skills. In responding to this expectation and developing your staff employability, your business will be able to anticipate the rapidly evolving requirements of the market, increase your company’s competitiveness and profitability, while retaining your Read More

MAGIC plan for the largest financial transaction of your life

Transitioning out of a business is usually the single largest financial transaction in the lifetime of a business owner, with a lot at risk as typically a majority of an owner’s net worth is tied up in their company (normally greater than 70%). Accordingly, an owner should start the preparation for this transaction two to Read More

Is it Too Late to Put your Business For Sale?

What Positioning Strategies Could You Use Before Transmitting/Exiting your Business? “If we keep doing what we’re doing, we’re going to keep getting what we’re getting.”– Stephen Covey If you put your business for sale when you want to exit the chances that you get what you want for it are very slim. You should start Read More