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Are You Ready to Face The Challenge of Coping with Your Staff’s Stressful Experience when Selling Your Business?

Will you be able to manage stress in such a sensitive workplace? Today’s workforce is experiencing higher levels of stress than ever before. We’re currently going through a period of economic and technological change, which provokes personal fears about such issues as job and financial security, opportunities for advancement and, on a broader scale, concern Read More

Selling your Business? R.E.W.A.R.D. your employees…

I have been involved in selling businesses in Europe Middle East and Africa for more than 20 years; I’m usually called in to enhance the value of the business to prepare it for sale. Enhancing the value of your business can only be done by putting in place a team of people that would be Read More

Did you miss the perfect time to sell your business?

August was a roller-coaster ride for stockholders. Triple digit wins followed by even larger losses left the average investor reeling and were a good reminder that markets move in both directions. Valuations of privately held business have also been somewhat turbulent of late. The average offer extended to users of The Value Builder System was Read More