Monthly Archives: March 2015

Can Exiting a Business Be Rewarding?

Yes but it needs considerable planning! A Contingency Exit Plan is a comprehensive roadmap to successfully transition out of a privately held business either because the owner has decided it is time to go or because the owner is facing an unforeseen situation. A Contingency Plan asks and answers all the business of personal, financial, Read More

Selling a Business a Choice that May Be Regretted for 20 Years or More

Every day we are faced with choices that will affect us over the long term. Selling our business is a crucial choice, it will impact the rest of our life as well as the future  wealth of our families. When we look back 10 years from now will it be with pride and happiness— or Read More

What a Study of 14,000 Businesses Reveals About How You Should Not Be Spending Your Time

In an analysis of more than 14,000 businesses, a new study finds the most valuable companies take a contrarian approach to the boss doing the selling. Who does the selling in your business?  My guess is that when you’re personally involved in doing the selling, your business is a whole lot more profitable than the Read More

Coaching our Successors to Be Great Leaders…

Do you think Churchill, Gandhi and J.F Kennedy were born leaders? They probably had an aptitude to leadership but they certainly worked hard to become outstanding leaders. Their continuous learning to work with different personalities, motivate, and inspire; their deep understanding of themselves; their experience of dealing with complex and difficult situations; helped them to Read More