Monthly Archives: November 2014

Are You Ready for the Challenge of Selecting and Grooming Your Successor?

In order to plan for the continuity of your business, irrespective of the anticipated timing of change of leadership, you should formally start to think about what would happen if you were not able to run the business for an unexpected reason, like illness for example. The main questions you should ask yourself are: How Read More

One Hidden Thing That Drives Your Company’s Value

You already know that your company’s turnover and profits play a big role in how much your business is worth. Do you also know the role cash flow plays in your valuation? Cash vs. Profits Cash flow is different than profits in that it measures the cash coming in and out of your business rather Read More

10 Things That Make Your Business More Valuable Than That of Your Industry Peers

The value of your company is partly determined by your industry. For example, cloud-based software companies are generally worth a lot more than printing companies these days. However, when we analyse businesses in the same industry, we still see major variations in valuation. So we dug through the data available to us from our partners Read More

Most Business Owners Plan Working after official Retirement Age… What about Mental Decline?

Life expectancy is now about 80 years old.  Scientists say that our cognitive brain performance peaks in our early 40s. That implies your memory, speed of thinking, problem-solving, reasoning and decision-making will deteriorate for 40 years. Today you are autonomous, bright, courageous and hard working. The threat is that you feel less energetic and let Read More