Monthly Archives: October 2014

Should You Plan Your Succession or Your Business Continuity?

You well know that running a successful business is more than just meeting the requirements of the moment and the coming year. You have to plan for its long term success. This includes passing or selling your business to an appropriate  individual when you are gone. The average age of business owners increases year after year, Read More

How Would You Transfer Your Business to a Member of Your Family?

For most business owners nothing is more important in the world than their family. Most family-owned businesses are the only support mechanism for the whole family. It is critical that you spend time reflecting on the best way to protecting both your family and your business. One day you will be leaving your company. It Read More

The G. R. E. A.T. Pitch to a Potential Acquirer / Investor

You are, as the business owner,  the most important person in the room when it comes to sell your business to  potential buyers. You have prepared a 100 pages prospectus to present your business but at the end of the day people buy from people they like, so when selling your business you will be evaluated Read More

Have You Considered Employees Buy Out To Secure Your Business Legacy?

According to several studies approximately 1/3 of companies World Wide are held by owners over 55 year old, 70% of those companies are expected to change hands in the next 10 to 15 years, 80% of their owners have no plan to exit  and have no idea of the  options opened to them . Traditional Read More

Exiting Your Business: The Most Stressful Situation of Your Professional Life. How Will You Cope?

You will have to manage your emotions so that you remain cool, calm, and able to do what needs to be done. This is easy to say but …you better have to learn how to deal with stress in this specific situation… As a species, we all need some stress to help us function. It Read More