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Why Is Good Cash Management Critical To Sell Your Business?

A potential buyer for your business may not be able to rely on banks or other financial institutions for providing them with cash injections they would need to put in the business after completing the sale. You need to demonstrate that your business is able to be self-financing, as external funding is becoming more and Read More

Are You Ready to Face The Biggest Change of Your Business Life? Exiting!

Your Exit Strategy should be put in place years before you sell to get more money for your business down the line. Planning, in advance, means you will be ready to sell whenever market conditions are at their optimum and you will be in control of the conditions. Sometimes, ill health or family circumstances can Read More

Productive Relationships are Essential to Enhance the Value of Your Business

From Casual Conversations to Productive Relationships  Networking is recognised as a key business skill, but often elicits a sigh from even the most senior and experienced professional. “Yes, yes, I know the ability to build and maintain business relationships is critical, but networking just doesn’t work.” A common response, I’m sure you’ll agree. For many, Read More

How Would a Digital Life Princess Help You to Sell Your Business?

If you intend to sell your bsuiness in the next 3 to 5 years  you should not underestimate the true value of one of the emerging key players in your business.  Are you overlooking one crucial new role that should be an integral part of your workforce; as important today to your organisation as a strong Read More