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5 Ways to Attract the Attention of an Acquirer

In any negotiation, being the person who makes the first move usually puts you at a slight disadvantage. The first-mover tips their hand and reveals just how much he/she wants the asset being negotiated. Likewise, when considering the sale of your business, it is always nice to be courted, rather than being the one doing Read More

Can Your Business Thrive Without You?

Factor 8: Contributing to Your Company’s Sellability Hub & Spot This factor measures the extent to which your business can thrive without you. To be valuable to an acquirer, your business must be able to succeed and grow without you at the hub of all activities and your employees mere spokes that cannot operate independently Read More

Why Measuring Customer Service Performances Helps Increasing the Value of Your Business?

This attribute measures both the extent to which your customers are satisfied and your ability to assess customer satisfaction in a consistent and rigorous way, which is very important to acquirers. In the video below, John Warrillow, the founder of The Sellability Score and the author of Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Read More

Is Your Business Really Unique & Meaningful?

Warren Buffett is famous for investing in companies with a protective ‘moat’ around them. The deeper and wider the moat, the harder it is for competitors to compete. In addition, an enduring competitive advantage also gives an owner more control over pricing, which increases both profitability and cash flow. In the video below, John Warrillow, Read More