Monthly Archives: May 2014

Why fire trucks always back in?

Have you ever noticed that fire trucks always back into the fire hall Why don’t they just pull into their parking spot snout-forward like the rest of us? Backing in at the end of a shift saves them time when they have to get to a fire. They back in to be ready; whether the Read More

Selling your Business? Should you expand its global horizons ?

Question – when selling your business is it the most opportune time  to consider entering new markets overseas? Answer – YES! On a national scale, exporting can generate an often much needed boost for a country’s economy. When you  sell your business you have to demonstrate to a potential buyer that your business can be Read More

How To Engage People In Virtual Working? Would It Help To Sell Your Business?

With the climate change we are more and more exposed to extreme weather conditions.In the recent flooding in the UK , absenteeism reached up to 14% per day , hitting the economy adversely to the tune of £0.5 billion per day. For a fair percentage of those unable to reach their place of employment, there Read More

Do you have a £500 million business hiding inside your company?

Do you want to exit your business and get a premium? The first thing a potential buyer will look at is your sales forecast and how realistic your assumptions are. The best way to demonstrate that your assumptions for growth are solid is to build a business with the highest possible proportion of recurring revenue. Read More