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Is Mobility the Critical Missing Aspect of your Business Exit Strategy?

You may wonder about this question – and more significantly the answer! If you haven’t grasped the fact that methods of communication are rapidly changing, you’re overlooking one of the most fundamental shifts occurring in the global market at this time, one that is radically reshaping your industry’s business models, one that will attract a Read More

The hidden goal of the smartest business owners

What are your business goals for the year? If you’re like most owners, you have a profit goal you want to hit. You may also have a top line turnover number that’s important to you. While those goals are important, there is another objective that may have an even bigger payoff: building a sellable business. Read More

5 “strategic” ways to sell your company

Did you see the news that Facebook has recently acquired Internet messaging service WhatsApp for £11.4 billion? It represents the largest-ever acquisition of an Internet company in history.  WhatsApp is a pearl for sure. The messaging service allows users to avoid text-messaging charges by moving texts across the Internet instead of the mobile phone carrier Read More

Monitoring your CUF:CAC ratio is essential to your exit strategy!

The most powerful metrics in any business are ratios that express your performance on metric A as it relates to metric B. For example, knowing what your turnover was last year is interesting; but knowing what your turnover per employee was will give you a sense of how efficient your business is at leveraging your Read More