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How to Manage your Business Goodwill

We have seen in a previous article that the type of business having the least chance of succession related failure, and therefore considered the most valuable to a prospective buyer are culture driven businesses. In this environment, the culture (driven by both people and systems) make the business happen. It is considered as close to Read More

How to Grow the Value of your Business Goodwill?

With the Sochi Olympic Games taking place this month, it is interesting to reflect back on some of the big events of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada. In the Men’s Downhill race at Whistler, for example, the winning time of 1:54:31 was posted by Didier Défago of Switzerland. The time among medallists Read More

Understanding the Value of your Business. A Very Powerful Management Tool

Value is measured differently by each buyer or owner 40% of the business sales that fail, fail due to a difference in price and value between the buyer and the seller. The structure of the deal can affect value. What is my business worth is every business owners’ favorite question. The obvious answer is that Read More

Business Valuation: A Very Powerful Management Tool

How much is my business worth? The simplest answer to this often asked question is, ‘Whatever a buyer is prepared to pay’. Value is, of course, a subjective concept. At its best, valuation is an art. It is influenced by institutional, macroeconomic and personal factors. Given the subjective nature of calculating an accurate valuation range, Read More