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Will your business be more valuable this time next year?

For many, January is a time of rebirth and resolutions. It’s a month to reflect on last year’s achievements and to set goals for the year ahead. Some people will set personal goals like losing weight or quitting a nasty habit, and most company owners will set business goals that focus on hitting certain turnover Read More

Keep Employees’ Morale High, whilst selling your business. Tip 5

Part 6 Tip 5 Encourage creativity and innovations through wisdom networks Steve Benton one of my colleague co-authored a book with Melissa Giovagnolli  “Wisdom Network” they describe the challenge companies have to use visible and invisible knowledge to achieve their goals. The problem is that people are reluctant to share their knowledge, they only talk about what they Read More

Keep Employees’ Morale High, whilst selling a business. Tip 4

Part 5 Tip 4. What process should you follow to help your staff meet performance goals whilst selling your business?   Preparing to sell your business is a very complex process. You have to make sure that your customers stay loyal by meeting their expectations, in the current business climate they are always higher and higher. You Read More

Keep Employees’ Morale High, whilst selling a business. Tip 3

Part 4: Tip 3 Motivate your Employees It is important when you sell a business to keep your employees motivated to use their full talents. It’s worth considering your company’s strategy and approach to motivation: getting this right and having positive motivation philosophy and practice in place leads to improved productivity, quality and service and it will Read More