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Strengthen your business for sale! But is it proleptical?

Your Exit Strategy should be put in place years before you sell to get more money for your business down the line. Planning, in advance, means you will be ready to sell whenever market conditions are at their optimum and you will be in control of the conditions. Sometimes, ill health or family circumstances can Read More

What are the Top 6 Reasons for Transitioning Out of a Business?

As  business owner you will exit your Business at least once in your life, are you prepared? Many owner-managers put in a lifetime of hard work building their business only to throw away some of the rewards by failing to consider properly how they will transition out of the business — both financially and as a Read More

Are you afraid to tell your employees your business is for sale?

Most Business owners thinking of selling their business are afraid that, if the employees were aware, they may leave them or leak it to the competition, so they keep it secret!  Your employees know that you won’t be working forever. When you reach the age of 55 they start wondering who will replace you if Read More

Companies’ Transmission a Ticking Bomb for Modern Western Economies

The ageing population in modern western economies creates greater issues and challenges for health care systems, pension policies, and labour markets. A significant level of resources in Western countries  have  been deployed  to better understanding the demographic nature of these topics to provide the population with strong, sustainable social programs. However, one aspect of public Read More